Cimo impianti


Our group daily be at clientele’s service ranging from private customers to the public one, from the building company to the large installer, from the planning studio to that of architecture.

The company’s goal is to offer and realize, with professionalism, promptness, quality and proficiency, global solutions to problems related to industrial and civil plant design and installation systems for private citizen, public bodies and companies all through the country.
The staff of CIMO IMPIANTI has got qualified construction workers and specialist coordinated by the technical manager MASSIMO RAVERA (the only one business partner of the company).

To complete the services provided, there are our highly qualified technicians that contribute to the knowledge of the plant engineering design.

Our orders start with inspections by our technicians who analyze the problems and they suggest the possible solutions; then they carry on putting in writing the construction drawings related to the realization of installation.

In the end, the plant engineering works are physically realized by our specialized staff who follow step by step the design indications provided by the drawn that was previously drawn by our technicians.

At the end of the works, during the testing phase, our technicians make the necessary calibrations (especially on air systems), improving the work of the system as much as possible. With the final documentation, the declaration of conformity complete with real construction drawings describing the plant in every detail is delivered to our customer.