OMR Officina Meccanica Ravera


O.M.R is a mechanical company of 100 employees located on an area of 23,000 m² with a machinery fleet made up of:

  • vertical lathes up to Ø3200
  • milling machine, reaming and machining centres up to 10mt
  • assembly department with overhead travelling cranes up to 30 tons

Carry out:

mechanical production c / third for removal
shaving of turning and milling

  • builds production lines, equipment, machinery and plants on the client’s project
  • plans and builds medium / large continuous turning tables for shaping

The main branches which it works are:

  • Petrochemical oil and gas (components for industrial ball and butterfly valves)
  • hydroelectric (carpentry and mechanical parts for turbines)
  • energy(special for electric engines and adaptors or others particolari meccanici a disegno)
  • wind power( slewings/fifth wheel, bearings, portasatelliti, shafts, flanges)
  • shaping, steel plants and for food and confectionery factory (builds components and put together groups, subgroups and parts of production lines or complete lines according to customer project)
  • robotics and automation for automotive branch
  • railway(carriage, assili?, wheels and other components to drawing)
  • earth-moving machinery and crane (carpentry and machining)
  • Drilling tools rock machine(general mechanic and water-cooled engines)