Sme caldarerie


SME srl was founded in 1990 thanks to the will of its two founding partners who, in spite of coming from different sectors of mechanics and shipbuilding, they decided to enter the market by investing their resources on the production of electro-welved products with particular attention on welding technology.

After the first years of “settlement”, the company becomes one of the reference point of the carpentries in the production of quality electro-welded steel for different areas: transport, lifting, food, research.

Our main operative branch is represented by the building of medium-heavy electro-welded structures, of pipes, of special materials, as well as of surface finishing. Is also possible testing with the relative pressure test of small systems.

The products are mainly intended for:

  • Power stations
  • Desalination plants
  • Shipyard
  • Petrochemical plants and piping;
  • Plants for extrusion of plastic materials
  • Dams and submarine equipments
  • Food industries(pasta factories and confectionery)
  • Testing unit(wind tunnel)